Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Playground!

Yesterday, Aida and I went to our neighborhood playground. Aida was not her usual fearless self. I could see her reservation, so I thought I might ease her into it by putting her on the swings. She hated them. I think I totally scared her. She immediately started screaming when I put her in the swing and I thought I could talk her through it but no, Mommy is not that good. No amount of "Aida isn't this fun!" would convince her. So we stopped the scary swings and tried out the slide. That was much better, we even smiled and laughed when we went down the slide. Here are some pictures of Aida enjoying her playground experience yesterday.

Aida loved running at the playground. Look at her cute teeth!

Pick me up Mom!
Feeling more confident on the jungle gym.

1 comment:

slots16 said...

Those playground pictures reminded me of the time Grandma and I took you to the Congers playground and you loved feeding the ducks but wanted no part of the swings....Enjoying Aida's, Aunt Noreen

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