Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The "Punkin" Patch....

We love Texas in the fall ---when it is not raining. We are over the rain in the Alford family but will be wishing its return when August comes. This weekend we went to see the Big Orange Pumpkin patch and Aida had a blast....she calls it the "punkin" patch but never the less, we had a great time. Friday night, we carved pumpkins and Daddy really tried to get Aida to stick her hand inside and pull out the sticky pulp but this princess wanted nothing to do with that. Every time daddy would pull out the pumpkin seeds and stuff Aida would say "eewwee yucky." She loved the glowing finished product but was not that into the process :) We had so much fun.

Mommy made this outfit as one of my first successful sewing projects...I love how cute she looks in it....

Aida loved the "cow" she was really trying to get it to "moo" at her, but the cow was not interested. She would say "sit down cow" and really expect the cow to follow instructions.

Going down the slide with Daddy...we did this like 6 times and it clearly was not enough, she loved it.

Working on pumpkin carving. We had so much fun doing this project with her. Daddy did all the work and I cleaned up during the process but Aida loved it and the mess was totally worth it.

Here she is posing with her finished products...I love that smile. Daddy has mad pumpkin carving skills.

We also got our second bumble bee costume in. This one was my first choice. She looks so stinkin cute in it. She wore this the whole night and really didn't want to take it off to sleep. I love that Jackson is in the picture too...he always has to be right in the middle of whatever it is we are doing with her because he thinks he is a baby too!!!

I hope everyone gets to enjoy their fall days like we are....this is such a great time of the year.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Buzzing Bumble Bee....

Aida is really excited about Halloween this year. Once she realized she got to dress up and she got candy -- you could see the light bulb go off and the look on her face was precious. One of our good friends Sonya organized a Halloween photo shoot for our girls. Here they are in their costumes totally cute. Aida loves being a bumble bee and gets excited just putting the costume on. Here are some Halloween preview pics. We think she is definitely the pretties bumble bee ever :)

This picture is of Addison, Aida and Abigale...all "A" names. We couldn't get the girls to sit together so we enlisted the help of the photographers cat. They all smiled and payed attention at the chance to pet the "kiki." Aida is eating candy in this picture but they are all so precious. Happy Halloween!!!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Zoo...

Before summer ended and took Aida to the Fort Worth Zoo. She loved the animals and had such a great time. There were so many great things to do at the zoo. We rode the train. We fed the birds. The birds were really a huge hit with Aida. They were all very tiny and she was able to get right up to them to feed them. The pictures say it all. We also watched the gorilla eat his breakfast and the elephant take a bath -- it was a great day.

Posing on the giant "fake" alligator and has a very concerned look on her face.

In the giant bird house getting a kick out of the "birdies"

Look at how close she was able to get to the birds. I don't really know why she was blowing on them but maybe she thought their food was hot.

Feeding the birds

Riding the train...this was fun for all of us. She really enjoyed it.

Aida -- the zoo was so much fun. We cant wait to go back with you.
We love you little one.
Mommy and Daddy

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