Friday, January 30, 2009

Snuggling with Daddy

This just melts me...I love how she is resting her head in her hand. This is Alex's favorite time with her too. Most nights before she is ready to go to bed, they spend time watching Aida's favorite shows together.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Dressing Herself...

We have discovered the power to choose what we wear. These pictures are some of the most precious to me because it is amazing to see how much more she can do now at 19 months. I hope Aida always appreciate the power of well placed fashion accessories. We have just begun our basic fashion lessons but she and mommy are going to be all over some advanced techniques like "proper placement of headbands" very soon.

Aida sitting at her new table and chairs. She eats here all the time now. She really worked hard on getting that headband on her head.

Putting on Mommy's socks and sneakers.

All dressed up in her skirt, necklace and butterfly wings. Aida loves to put on as many articles of clothing at one time as possible. She wasn't to happy with me taking this picture. As I pulled out the camera she said... "no, no, no Mommy" Hmmm, wonder where she gets that from :)

Monday, January 5, 2009

A Big Girl in 2009!

Aida is getting so big. It is hard to believe that 19 months have gone by so quickly. Being a parent is best thing I have ever experienced in my life and now having lived 19 months with Aida, my life seemed so insignificant without her. Being a mommy is truly wonderful and a gift I will never take for granted. Here are some of the fun things we experienced over the holiday break...

This is your first attempt at photography. Not too did a pretty good job on your self portrait.

Curly Hair Baby! One of your best features is your curly hair and your grey blue eyes. You are gorgeous and smart, witty, and funny but truly gorgeous.

Big Girl all grown up. You love the phone. Aida on the phone in the car on our way to Grandmas house. Too cute!

Throwing our big girl fit....the look on her face says it all.....

Aida's first ponytail. Now many of you might think this is not a big deal but for a mommy that has missed so many of Aida's "firsts" because of work, I wanted to remember this. Aida you look so adorable with your hair in a ponytail. I love it.

Encouraging Mommy after a workout.

I love you more than anything...



Christmas 2008!

This Christmas was a great one. We were able to spend it with our family and some of our great friends. Aida had a wonderful Christmas and is just starting to understand Santa -- it was a great time experiencing the holidays with her. Spending some time with Priscilla. Aida loves Priscilla, its easy to love her she is a wonderful friend and very warm and loving to the baby. We love her too!

Santa brought Aida her very own table and chairs at Grandma and Pop's house in BCS. This was her first time sitting at her big girl table. Thank you Grandma and Pops, she loves it!

Christmas Eve with the Mazey family! Christmas Eve was so nice. We were able to spend time with my Mom and her fiance Chuck. This is a picture of Aida with her new cousins Kayla, Jackson and Julia. Aida and the girls had so much fun dancing to Christmas carols and opening up gifts. They were all adorable.

Just a sample of our Christmas photo session. This is a story all of its own. Just when I thought we were going to take her to get her pictures taken all peacefully....5 minutes before we left I walked out of the restroom to find Aida writing all over her face with me black eyeliner in her Christmas Dress! I don't even know where she found it. Once we clean that all off....the red lines still remained on her face but there was nothing we could do so we set off for the pictures. I thought we were set. But oh no! Once we arrived, 5 minutes before Aida is supposed to take her pictures, she falls down from running, trips and busts her lip on her teeth. Now she is bleeding and crying and we are supposed to take our Christmas pictures. Luckily, the running water in the bathroom was just what we needed to distract us so we were able to pull it together and get some cute photos. These took a bunch of work so I hope you enjoy them...

My favorite picture from the photo session. She just melts me when she smiles and shows her dimples.

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