Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Art of The Paci....

Aida has mastered the art of the Paci...here she is with her baby brother at 6 weeks old holding him and getting his paci just right. She loves to tell me that the baby needs the paci everytime he lets out the littlest sound. Too cute!!! Christopher is one lucky little baby :)

Thanks for being Mommy's biggest helper Aida! We love you.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Spring Break 2011

Yesterday Aida and I went on a Mommy - Aida date to kick off Aida's spring break. We went Gattitown as a way of kicking off our fun! At first Aida was very disappointed that we were not at Chuck E Cheeses. She cried when we first walked in and wasn't at all impressed. Until she saw the rides...once we spotted the carousel and the big pirate ship ride she was willing to stay to have lunch and play games. Aida rode that pirate ship ride over and over until we ran out of coins. We ate pizza and drank "diet coke" and then spotted the face painting lady. I really didn't think Aida would want to sit there to get her face painted but she said she wanted to give it a try so we paid our 4 dollars and she picked out her tiger face. Here she is letting Ms. Denise paint her face. She was very clear that she wanted a pink and purple tiger with glitter...
Checking out her new look in the mirror....I was wondering if she was going to end up crying...

Are you kidding? She LOVED it!!! And when we got home she kept checking out herself in the mirror and cried when it was time to go to bed and to wash her face. I had to promise to take her back to Gattitown this week so she could get her tiger face again.
Here she is on the pirate ride. This thing really did go pretty high...I was nervous for her but she was giggling and smiling ear to ear the whole time.
Aida -- I had a great "date" day with you...you make my heart swell with so much joy. I love you!
Tomorrow we are off the mall for Spring Break fun day #2...
I love you Aida

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Good Morning!!!

This is the face that we get to wake up to every morning...who wouldn't love this face???

Christopher Alexander 5 weeks old :)

Sunday, March 6, 2011

February 2011...

Since Christopher arrived we have been so busy and so blessed with our newly expanded family. Our last four weeks have been enjoyable beyond belief. Alex and I could both stand a few more hours sleep at night but other than that...things have been wonderful. It is impossible to believe that four weeks have gone by already. Aida has been such a great big sister. We tried to capture so many moments of Aida and Christopher together. I love these pictures :) Mommy and Christopher during one of his late night feedings. He looks so serious and mommy looks a little rough :)
Aida feeding Christopher. She is so helpful with the baby and loving. We are so blessed. Look at her smile she was so proud of herself.

Hanging out and getting ready to do a "fire pit" in our backyard with Sassy. A "fire pit" is one of Aida's favorite things to do.

My two monkeys getting ready for bed in my room. Aida loves having her little brother around her all the time. Lets see how long that lasts....

This is the same "fire pit" fun night as above. Can you see Christopher? Clue --- check out the yellow ducky feet....Aida wanted to hold her baby brother and mommy insisted that we cover his head to protect him from the wind. This was the result :) and it lasted for two seconds and then Aida said Christopher was too heavy...

We are having so much fun and are looking forward to a million more memories as a family.
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