Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Fitness Goals...

I just beat my biggest fitness goal to date, running a 5K! Actually, I ran 3.6 miles yesterday, outside without stopping or walking once.

I felt such a sense of accomplishment last night. Almost like, if I can do this, and live, how much further can I push myself?

I have always had a lot of confidence in work or social sitautions. Those come easy for me. If there is a challenge I am up for it. Failing Business -- my head would say "we'll turn it around." Raise 5 million dollars -- "let's go for it, we can figure it out." But fitness has always been a different story for me.

I was the kid that hated Gym class, couldn't run my 12 minute mile in gym and has always hated working out.

Now, at 33 with a baby and some common sense, I know I needed to figure out how to find some peace in working out or I would be overweight and unhappy with how I looked forever.

Both of my parents are overweight, and struggle with eating right and exercising and I knew I was destined for the same path. I worry about their healthy everyday. Everday I wish they would try to take excercize and eating right just a little more seriously and at times I wonder why if excercize and eating right is the key to feeling better and having more "good" years with the people you love, how much of a sacrafice is it really?

Putting this theory to work for myself, 10 weeks ago I hired personal trainer Andrea Gleason -- she is amazing. Every time I think I cant do something, she shows me otherwise. 10 weeks ago, I could not run for 1 minute without feeling like my lung was going to explode or my legs were going to fall off or I was going to throw up. I was convinced that I would never meet my fitness goal then, of running for 10 minutes without stopping.

By the second session, Iwas running my 1 minute and 3 minute runs a little better. After 2 weeks I noticed it getting easier. Then every time Andrea pushed me to the next level, my first thought was "I don't know if I can do this" but I always tried.

I did the 10 minute run, then I was running for 13 minutes. After that we switched over to laps around the lake. 1 lap is 1.2 miles.

I had to work hard on my mindset. This is the most challenging part for me. I had to tell myself I liked this. I had to force negative thoughts out of my mind and keep focused on the goal -- running a 5K! Honestly everytime the intesity went up, my first thought was "I can't do this."

Last night, without any big build up or stressing about it, she just suggested we run until we are ready to stop. I ran for 46 minutes and 3.6 miles. The longest time and distance I have ever run in my life. I did it. My legs didn't fall off and my lungs didn't explode, and I did it.

Today my hips are sore. But I am totally ready for the next challenge. Wednesday night, I am going to do this again maybe even a little further.

The whole experience reminds me that no matter what the challenge, you really can do just about anything you set your mind to. Even if you think you can't -- just try it, just do it, get out there.

A healthy lifestyle is so important for Alex and I as parents to instill in Aida. Now I feel more like I really can live a healthy life instead of just talking about what we need to do to be healthy while still doing nothing meaningful to take the plunge.

I hope all of you set a fitness goal and go after it. You might totally surprise yourself with what you really can do and how good it feels to do something you thought was impossible.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Dance Fever....

Aida has dance fever....This is hysterical and adorable. Enjoy the show.

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