Monday, September 1, 2008

Aida Sophia 14 Months

The wonderful thing about Aida Sophia is that she has so many special people that love her. The unfortunate part for her is that very few of them live near by. Alex and I are creating this blog in the hopes that her family and friends can have a much closer look into the moments that make it so wonderful to know her. We consider ourselves blessed to know her and more importantly blessed to be her mommy and daddy. She is our angel baby.


Renee Santana - Ne Ne said...

She has a beautiful smile just like her mommy. It lights up the room. When I see her she reminds me of you when you were a baby.

We miss and love you.


Christina said...

Hey Renee,

Thank you so much for your sweetness. She is too much right now. I miss you so much! Keep checking our blog for updates :)
Hope the family and the girls are all doing great. Love you!

Uncle Drew said...

She is soooo cute and she is a blessing!!!! But we need more pics. I think this is great idea and I look forward to my next visit. Make sure you give her a huge and kiss from Uncle Drew. We love and miss you guys and you're right ya'll do live to far from us!!


Drew and Paige

SLOTS16 said...

Hello Christina,
Oh My God, I feel so old, what will you think of next?? A blog....Very cute.. I was just saying to Roxie yesterday, I wonder what Aida is up too as we glanced at her pic on the refrigerator.. I hope to enjoy this blog when ever I think of you all and wish you were here...Love Aunt Noreen
PS Hi Renee....

Aunt Re said...

Aww she makes me want to cry every time I see her! I second uncle Drew on that too far from CS!! BONKA BONKA!
~Aunt Re

Christie Lea said...

I love this blog! What a great idea. I'm always on the computer so I will be looking at Aida's page all the time. I miss you very much, it was great seeing you in wildwood. LOVE YOU!

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