Monday, February 23, 2009

Aida Goes To a Princess Party...

Sunday, Aida was invited to her friend Abigale's first birthday party. All the little girls came in their tutu's. It was totally girly and wonderful. Here are some pictures of our little princess, please note her Cinderella high healed slippers with fur that she had to wear. She would not sit still long enough for me to capture a picture of her face straight on but you can still get a glimpse of her fabulous get up in these pictures.
Abigale and Aida .... Aida exploring the toys at the party...check out her shoes
Exploring my tutu... All these ribbons are just fabulous....

Doesnt she look adorable?

What a fun day!

A Fun Date ....

Friday night was such a fun family date night. We took Aida to the mall to ride the merry go round and she loved it! I am so proud of how brave she is. After riding the merry go round 5 times we ate dinner and then browsed around some really fun stores. It was a great night. Aida hated leaving her merry go round and cried when it was time eat dinner but she handled it like a champ. She had a HUGE smile on her face the whole time, and would cry each time it stopped. Just precious. Holding on by herself like a big girl!

A side shot of her huge smile.

Riding with Daddy...

She loved it.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Hanging out with my friends....

What a fun day....Aida was able to hang out with her friends Violet and Abigale. Here are some great pictures of Aida and Abigale in Violets red wagon. They had a blast and the weather was great too, the girls had so much fun.

Getting ready for our wagon ride....

Aida loved it....the faster the wagon went the more she smiled.

Abigale's Daddy Mat pulled the girls around and around the yard.

Then when he got tired...Alex pulled them around and around the yard. What great Daddy's these girls have!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Remembering Edith Aida Flora

Today is a great day. A day when I get to remember someone special and with great influence in my life. My grandma Edith Aida Flora, it was several years ago today that she lost her battle with MS. As most of you have figured out by now, my connection to my grandma, was so special that as her firstborn grandchild, I wanted to name her first born great grandchild after her. And we did...

Grandma, I know that as you look down on us you are so proud. I know you also are pinching Aida's cheeks the same way you used to do mine. I also know that you would LOVE interacting with her. She has a smile that lights up the room, and she loves to dance, she also loves to give kisses and has a laugh that makes your just melt.

So many times I have seen you in her. She has your sense of curiosity, and your grace. I hope I can instill in her your love of family and your strength. It is those times when I want to feel sorry for myself and how "hard" things are at whatever moment in time, that I think of you. You make me stronger, always have, even when I think being a wife and mother is so hard and I might never get it right, I can somehow go on when I think of you. Hopefully as you look down upon us, you are proud of the mom I have become. The relationship that Dad, Michael and I have, my marriage to Alex, and now the amazing child your great granddaughter Aida is growing up to be.

It will be those times, when I see you in her, or hear Angels in her room or see her smiling and talking in her sleep that I know you are there.

This picture of you and grandpa was taken when I was about Aida's age. I love remembering you like this. At your best, with the love of your life. You look beautiful and happy and radiating a beautiful glow unique with your spirit.

I miss you more than anything, but somehow I think you already know that.

Thanks for being my Angel, and with me when I need you most.

Your Granddaughter,

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