Monday, January 31, 2011

What do you do with just 5 days left???

Before the baby arrives :) Well...we found all sorts of things to do to pass the time.

On Friday night we went to Aida's "International Celebration" at school. She was precious. She showed us all around all of the work she made and even performed a dance with her teacher all impromptu. It was a dance they had rehearsed but the room got so crowded the teacher decided not to do it...but once Aida heard the music -- she was ready to go. TOO CUTE!!! After the big celebration at school Aida got to spend the night with Grandma so she had extra special spoiling and didn't want to come home :)

Here she is with her teacher Ms. Hilda who was all dressed up for the big celebration.

On Sunday we made pancakes with Daddy. Before that she also decided to make hot coco with marshmallows and get it all over her shirt. Since she couldn't cook dirty -- she took matters into her own hands for a second...

Here she is making her "mickey mouse" pancake. Of course no healthy pancake would be complete without candy corns :)

And here she is giving mommy the "look." This is really the "I know you are getting after me but I am going to give you the same look you are giving me and act cute to get out of it...."

Our last weekend of three of was relaxing...which was a relief. Even thought I was having lots of contractions I was able to make it through these "fake" ones with some rest. Aida is going to be the best big sister ever. I am so totally in love with her -- I cant even begin to imagine what it is going to be like in a few days when I meet our baby boy.

Until then....

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

8 Days Out....

What do you do when you are 8 days away from having a play dress up like a princess and "dance show" as Aida calls it....of course -- that is appropriate for every occasion....and you finish the baby's nursery.

We had such a great time setting up Christopher Alexander's nursery. Thank you to my very talented friend Elizabeth Quigley of
The special thing about "Beth" as I call her is that she and I have been friends for years -- since high school actually. When I needed inspiration for the baby's room I knew I wanted to work on this special project with Beth. These pictures are the first time she will see the finished product. We are in need of a picture or two but all in all the key parts of the nursery are here and we love them. Thank you to my sweet hubby and my mother in law Edna for doing all the hard work and making it happen. None of this would look this great without the two of them :)Now all we need is the baby!!! 8 more days...

Hope you like it Beth! We LOVE LOVE LOVE this tranquil and peaceful space for the baby. I can see myself having many restful and maybe not so restful moments in here. But looking forward to all the memories none the less...

Monday, January 24, 2011

My sweet baby shower....

So a few weeks ago my mom and a few of my girlfriends got together to help me celebrate baby Christopher Alexander. It was such a great day. I felt so special and blessed to have had such a beautiful party by my sweet friends and mom. The whole shower was a perfect celebration to welcome our beautiful baby boy into the world. It was so great to see friends that I have not seen in a while and to have my family there. Thank you to my sister in laws and my mother in laws for coming all the way from BCS to celebrate with me. Here are some pictures below -- you can see how round I am for those of you that live far away and have not seen me in a while :) Aida was perfect too -- perfectly behaved although not really wanting to get her picture taken!

My friend Andrea -- who I love so much made these sweet blocks for the baby. You will see them in his nursery too...check out all of her stuff at the
More Andrea Creations -- too cute

Aida and Mommy --- no smiling for the camera's by Aida that day...

Some super cute presents for Christopher.

Aida in her "Big Sister" Sash....she was too cute.

Great picture of mom...

Andrea, Me and Jody -- my sweet hostest friends

My mom made tons of goodies for the shower including chocolate lollipops, baby boy sugar cookies, candies and a whole beautiful spread of food. It was all so special. A perfect welcome for our new baby.
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