Monday, June 15, 2009

Before and After....

After living in our house for 3 years...Alex and I finally decided to tackle the backyard. Our biggest project to date was putting in a new flagstone patio. We definitely love it and I can't say "WE" put in any hard work because it was all Alex and his parents that came to help us. Our back yard has been bare for a long time and now we are beginning to make major progress. These are the before and after pics of our patio. Thank you Alex for all of your hard work here. I love you!!


AFTER Our two dogs Jackson (pictured above) and Sassy LOVE their new patio. Ignore all the random chairs. We have not figured out yet where to put stuff :)

Here is a great picture of stone. The colors are really pretty and they add such interest to the backyard. Every part of our backyard project seems to be adding so much to it -- we are enjoying it more and more every month.

Thanks Alex, for your hard work on this project. We love it and we love you!!!

Christina and Aida

The Playhouse....

Donna and Grandpa got Aida this wonderful playhouse for her birthday. She totally got the hang of how every piece was supposed to work right away! She looks adorable in it. Here are a few pictures of Aida in her yellow polka dot skirt and her blue and red cherry boots having a blast in the playhouse. Daddy fit in there should of seen him trying to squeeze in...too bad I didn't have that on video :)

How is Daddy in my playhouse?

A view from the inside...playing with Daddy....

Having too much fun!

Crawling out the window all dukes of hazard style..I just love those boots they are too cute!

Her great smile :)

Opening and closing her windows...

The house comes with a doorbell that rings when you press it. This is the most fun thing for Aida to do.

Thank you Donna and Grandpa for Aida's house. She loves it!!!
Mommy and Daddy

Monday, June 8, 2009

Aida Sophia Turns 2!!!!

We had so much this weekend celebrating Aida's Second Birthday! I can really say that our little girl had so much fun at her party. Aida was outside playing in splash toys from 3:30 to 8:30. She had a ball and loved every minute of the fun. She played with all of her friends that came to celebrate with her, climbed in and out of all of her different pools and splash toys, played with the pinata, ate cupcakes and ice cream and even blew out her own candles. I was shocked that she knew how to do this...I guess I shouldn't really be shocked but I still was. I was so proud of her, she played so great with her friends, and she was so much fun. We could not of asked for a more fun day or a more fun party. Everything was super fun and the perfect joyous celebration of her...

Aida's Splah Bash was in our backyard on our new patio. Yeah! It looked so nice and we had so much.

Our party cupcakes and the cute pinata....

The was one of our splash zones. The kids were having so much.

Playing with her friend Will...

Loving her time in her fun zebra pool...encouraging her friends to come play with her.

Aida found the drinks in the coolers and helped herself to her Dr. Pepper all night long :) Here she is enjoying her birthday drink of choice.

Pinata time was so much fun.

Look at all that candy! Abby, Luke, Kayla, Will, Jack and Paige helped her eat it all up. What could be more fun at a birthday party that Candy? Maybe cotton candy...we will try that for next year....

Opening her presents. She still had her bow in her hair 3 hours into the party. I was so proud of her :)

On Sunday Aida had a relaxing day playing with all of her new toys. We sang happy birthday to her again and put her in her birthday crown so she could have a whole weekend of fun.

Feeding Daddy her birthday cake...her shirt has a big blingy #2 on it...made especially for her. She looked adorable on her with her super cute tiara...

Eating her cake...with the big girl fork!

Aida and Mommy :)

At 8:00 on Sunday night...she was done. Here is she is after birthday cake ready to go bed. It was such a fun weekend and a great time for her. A birthday princess even needs to sleep her tiara...
Thank you to everyone who helped us celebrate and who also helped with the party, we love all of you for making her feel special.
Happy Birthday Aida...We Love You!
Mommy and Daddy

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