Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What We Have Been Up To...

Last weekend Uncle Michael and Courtney came for a visit from Philadelphia. It was SOOOO much fun. We had a packed three days and Aida and Michael were both worn out by Sunday. The Fun started Thursday when Aida went shopping for a new toy with Uncle Michael, Courtney and Grandma, then they went to McDonald's and played on the playground. After a nap we were off to swimming lessons and then we met the Gleason's in McKinney for live Music and a picnic. Friday we played and went to Fort Worth were were went on pony rides, saw a longhorn and went to a real Rodeo. Aida loved the horses. Then on Saturday, we were off to the Aquarium. Aida was in heaven seeing all the animals. After the aquarium we went to lunch, took a nap and then swam in Grandma's pool and went for ice cream. A totally fun day. Sunday we played on the playground and then Courtney and Michael went home. Everyone had a great time, the visit was too short and we miss them both already. I am so lucky to have a brother who makes a great uncle and who has a girlfriend I really like. Courtney is fabulous and Aida loves her.

This summer Aida is taking swim lessons. Uncle Michael and Courtney came to watch and Aida did a great job kicking and blowing bubbles for daddy.

At the Stockyards, I bet this is the first longhorn that Courtney has sat on...

Grandma helping Aida get on her horse.

Look at that smile. She was in heaven.

She loves horses.

Aida and her Uncle Michael. She is mesmerized by the bird sitting right next to her. She was pointing and trying to pet the bird and then two ladies walked by panicking that the bird might eat her fingers. We love concerned citizens :)

All of us at the Aquarium. Aida was ready to get down and see some fish.

Studying the Jelly Fish at the Aquarium with Paw Paw. Aida loved how they glowed in the dark.

After the Aquarium and a Nap -- well Uncle Michael napped but Aida the trooper watched her movie and relaxed, we were out at the pool having a great time with Uncle Michael again. I just love her two piece bathing suit...the ruffles are my favorite.

Swimming with Courtney.

We had so much fun with Uncle Michael, Courtney, Grandma and Paw Paws. Thank you so much for spending time with us and for coming to visit. We love you so much and miss you already.

Aida, Alex and Christina

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Pictures in GG's Dress...

This weekend Aida had the privilege of being photographed in her Great Grandma's Dress. Her Great Grandma (GG) had her picture taken in it, her daughters pictures taken, her granddaughters pictures and now Aida's pictures. I think we estimated that the dress was at least 70 years old, not that GG is a day over 30...I dont know what happened there :) Aida looked so beautiful in this delicate lace dress but more importantly we were able to share this moment with GG. Aida and I talk all the time about how lucky she is to know her GG and how special Great Grandma's are. Here are some of the pictures of Aida in GG's dress. Thanks to Grandma Edna and Aunt Re we were able to get some great pictures. They were great about distracting and getting her to smile. These pictures really were a family affair! She looks precious. I cant wait to see the real prints.

GG, thank you for coming with us for the pictures this weekend. I hope you enjoyed seeing Aida in your dress as much as Edna, ReAnna and I did.
We love you bunches!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Fun at the Grocery Store...

Our local Market Street is great. The people are nice and the store is beautiful. On Sunday after her first class in Toddler Faith Formation at Church we went to Market Street for breakfast and a few groceries. Aida is a natural shopper. She had so much fun with her mini cart, it was just her size as we made our way through the isles. She didn't run into or over anyone either which is a huge deal given how crowded that store was. I am sure everyone thought I was the most annoying mom ever in the crowded grocery store with my camera, encouraging Aida to "Smile for Mommy."

Here we are meeting Ms. Karen in the Floral Department. Karen was so nice. Gave her free flowers and Aida loved them. We also repositioned all of the little river rocks in the florist because Aida thought they were not in the right place.

Daddy was really proud of her for finding the FREE sign. She looks so little compared to the sign.

Drinking our drink and pushing our cart. The cart is so cute it is just her size. She looks like a miniature big kid here...
One of her most fun things to do was to pick out the peaches and put them in the bag. She works fast. She had 5 peaches in there before we knew what she was doing.

Strawberries are one of her favorite things. Here she is putting her strawberries in her cart. She had so much fun arranging her items. I think she is definitely a natural shopper. After a fun time at Market Street Aida blew kisses and waved to the check out person. It was adorable.
We look forward to many more fun grocery experiences Aida. Watching you experience the world makes us look at everything differently. I loved our grocery shopping experience, I hope we have a million more moments like that.
We love you,
Mommy and Daddy

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Aida's Backyard Playgroud...

We are having so much fun with Aida this summer. I do think she is getting bigger every day. I leave for work and she is one size and I come home and she is bigger. Here we are working on Aida's Playground in our backyard. We are having to make some shade with some umbrella's but it is turning out really cute. It is definitely our work in progress but Aida loves it for sure. Here she is in the wagon she got for her birthday. She and Sassy love being pulled around the yard in it. Jackson looks on longingly though -- I think he wants to get in but we have not figured out yet how to pull that one off without squishing Aida and Sassy.
Aida and Sassy in her red wagon...having a ball...well Aida is, I don't know about Sassy.

Saturday morning, eating her snack on her new picnic table. Her best friend Sassy, in her usual position waiting for Aida to drop some food. Sassy has become pretty porky since Aida was born. She loves following Aida around waiting for her to drop something.

Our backyard playground. It is coming along. Aida has so much fun out here.

Learning how to work our umbrella.

This was another great weekend with Aida. She had so much fun. We are very excited about working on her playground so she can be free to play and play with all of her friends.
We love you Aida,
Mommy and Daddy

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Our Fun Weekend!!

We had such a fun weekend. Four days with Aida and Alex was good for my soul. Aida is getting to such a fun age. It is amazing to watch her grow to be apart of her life. She is growing up so fast. We played and swam and went to several parties with our friends. We had a great time, it was so nice to have everyone home for more than 2 hours at a time. Here are some fun pictures of our weekend. Aida and her friend Kiana at Kiana's First Birthday.

Playing with the sprinkler toy at Kiana's party.

Learning to jump off the side of the pool with daddy.

Swimming at the splash park.

Aida loves to swim. She LOVES the water. Here she is having a great time with Daddy in the pool.

Looking very serious.

We love you Aida. Thank you for such a fun weekend. We are so blessed to have you in our lives.
Mommy and Daddy

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