Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Christopher Turns 2!!!

Christopher Alexander one of the three loves of my life turned 2 this February.  He is without a doubt a giant bundle of joy and energy and loves a party!  This year, I decided to go stress free on the birthday and while somehow no matter how "stress-free" and easy I try to make it, I always end up getting totally stressed -- but this year was better than most.  Thanks in large part to Chick-fil-a and my husband, Alex. 
Our plan this year was a small family and friends party, that worked well.  Christopher had a ball, didnt get overwhelmed and played until he dropped. 
One of this little boy's favorite things in the world is Thomas the Train, so a train theme made perfect sense.  He loved it.  The cake was so yummy and from Target's bakery .  Their bakery was quick and very helpful and they had the cutest Thomas the Train themed cakes.  The cake pops were super special and made by the Jenny Lane Bakery in Flower mound.  These were delish and made the party extra special. 
Our family from BCS came to visit that weekend.  We had the whole crew in the house for tons of fun cousin shenanigans.  They made it really special.  Aida and Christopher love playing with all of their cousins. We don't get to see all of them often enough.  Here are some pictures from Christopher's super fun day!
Christopher you have brought more joy to our family than you could ever know.  We love you with all our hearts. 


Mommy and Daddy
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