Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas 2010

This year our Christmas was relaxing and wonderful. It was Aida's last year to be an only child and it was so much fun for her. She received so much love and so many presents not just by Santa but by all of her Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles who love her so much. She is one very blessed little girl and we are grateful. We celebrated Christmas here in Dallas and had a great time.

She wasn't much for having her picture taken while she was opening presents but you can see we were having so much fun.

Although -- this is one of her in her Dora helmet that she got with her big girl bike this year. She is already zooming around on the bike and refused to take the helmet off all day even for her nap! I love it....

My top Christmas memories of Aida this year are:

1. Watching The Grinch with Aida 42,000 times and listening to her sing all the songs.

2. Making a Gingerbread house

3. Singing Christmas Carols with her especially Jingle Bells which she is totally adorable singing

4. Going to look at Christmas lights and listening to her say "Oh wow!" every time she saw a house she liked

5. Her love of the Frosty the Snowman cartoon the original version

6. Watching her wake up on Christmas morning and "get it" that Santa had come to our house

7. Her pictures with Santa -- telling him she wanted presents and cookies for Christmas this year

8. Just experiencing the holiday with her and Alex. It was really special.

9. The fact that she LOVED her bike and bike helmet and wore the helmet to breakfast on Christmas and refused to take it off all day...we finally got it off of her to go to Mom's for Christmas dinner :)

I hope everyone's Christmas was magical. Here is to a happy and healthy 2011!

Merry Christmas!


Monday, December 20, 2010

Santa 2010...

So today Aida went with Grandma to meet Santa...she had a ball. This is the same Santa she had her pictures with last year. He is so nice and this year we had pictures to crying!

Here she is telling Santa everything on her list -- she is too cute with the list this year she doesn't really say specifically what she wants except for presents and cookies :)

A quick hug finished the whole meeting off to perfection. Now that Santa has her list I am sure we are well on our way to having a great Christmas. I hope everyone has a happy and healthy holiday this year.

Merry Christmas!!!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Her Boogie Shoes...

So the video is a little dark and you will want to put up your volume to hear the music. Aida is cutting a rug! Too cute. I love it when she lets us video tape her doing the cutest things. She loves music and loves to dance although I think she loves to freestyle more than anyother kind of dance moves... We are having a great time this Christmas season, as you can see -- she is wound up and really enjoying every minute which is making it all so much fun :)

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Maternity Pictures...

So here I am at 30 weeks-- 8 weeks to go before our sweet baby boy's arrival. I didn't do maternity pictures with Aida. But decided to try them this time around since I this will be our last baby :) Still Moments Photography was wonderful. Here are a few proofs from our session. I can't wait to see them all.

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