Monday, September 29, 2008

Learning to Give Back....

Grandma Edna and Pops work hard every year volunteering and raising money for a charity in their hometown called "Friends of Bubba." We think it's important to instill the value of giving back as early as possible in Aida. So we brought her to experience her first Charity Golf Tournament. Pops chaired the golf tournament and Grandma Edna did the auction. Aida hung out with her Aunts and Uncles and loved every minute of it. We have been blessed as a family by charity work and will continue to work with the gifts we have been given to help others. "To whom much is given, much is expected."
Look at the wind blowing in her hair....She loved riding in the golf cart with Uncle Drew.
Looking cute working the live auction with my godmother and aunt ReAnna. Here Aida is helping her auction off a gun...that's a Texas man thing I think...
Uncle Ryan helping Aida sit in her chair. This chair was Grandma Edna's when she was a little girl and now it is just Aida's size. Aida still doesn't sit still for more than 30 seconds...thanks for trying Uncle Ryan...

A Visit to BCS....

This weekend we had so much fun visiting our family in Bryan/College Station. Aida Sophia is so blessed to know her Great Grandma Carolyn or (GG) as we call her. Great Grandmas are a special blessing that only the luckiest little girls get to know. Aida and GG have so much fun together. Aida Sophia worked hard mastering the art of sharing and she shared all kinds of things with her GG....her paci, her crackers, her bottle, she made sure GG experienced all kinds of baby love. Aida Sophia with Great Grandma Carolyn and cousins Emma and Tyler....Special props to Grandma for helping me sit on the edge of the chair like a big girl. I love you!

Eating Pizza with Tyler. Aida loves the Pizza crust.

A family picture with mommy and daddy....

Monday, September 22, 2008

Mastering The Stairs...

After many months, she has finally done it. Aida Sophia has mastered the stairs. This has come after several thousand trips up and down the stairs and many tireless hours of practice and training. We had a cold this weekend so not many smiles in these pictures but you can see Aida's stair climbing technique and I must's flawless... Taking off, and not looking back.
Checking in with Mommy, before I go for the top of the stairs.
Reaching the pinnacle!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Playground!

Yesterday, Aida and I went to our neighborhood playground. Aida was not her usual fearless self. I could see her reservation, so I thought I might ease her into it by putting her on the swings. She hated them. I think I totally scared her. She immediately started screaming when I put her in the swing and I thought I could talk her through it but no, Mommy is not that good. No amount of "Aida isn't this fun!" would convince her. So we stopped the scary swings and tried out the slide. That was much better, we even smiled and laughed when we went down the slide. Here are some pictures of Aida enjoying her playground experience yesterday.

Aida loved running at the playground. Look at her cute teeth!

Pick me up Mom!
Feeling more confident on the jungle gym.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Good Morning Aida Sophia!

It is true that Aida smiles all the time. This picture is proof of Aida's non-stop smile. This is what her room looks like every morning as she throws all of her dolls and blankets, binkies and bottles over the side of the crib. How fun!

Aida Goes Wild in Wildwood New Jersey!

This summer Alex, Aida and I took went to Pennsylvania to visit our family. We had so much fun at Grandpa & Donna’s house. During our visit we spent some great time with our Uncle Michael. We also took Aida to the beach in Wildwood, New Jersey. She had a blast. As a mom, it is so special to share the things that you did as a child with your children. Even if she can’t remember it (because she was only a year old) hopefully the pictures will last a lifetime….
Aida in her beach hat with Aunt Noreen and Cousin's Christie and Roxie
Aida with Uncle Michael
Aida and Aunt Noreen at the pool in our very stylish two piece bikini. Aida sported the perfect beach baby body.

Experiencing sand for the first time. Right after this Aida took that sand in her hand and put in in her mouth! No fun...

Grandpa's favorite girl.

Aida Goes Swimming!

This summer Aida, Alex and I were invited to the Lewis's so the girls could swim together. Aida had a ball. It was so much fun for Aida to spend time with Syndey and Ella, they were so nice to her and are very special girls.
Syndey was such a big girl pushing Aida in the pool. What a great helper! Thank you Syndey!

Ella had the hot tub all to herself. What a cutie...

Aida gave Syndey lots of huggs in the pool.

Aida had so much fun, I think that smile was on her face the entire time she swam.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Aida Sophia 14 Months

The wonderful thing about Aida Sophia is that she has so many special people that love her. The unfortunate part for her is that very few of them live near by. Alex and I are creating this blog in the hopes that her family and friends can have a much closer look into the moments that make it so wonderful to know her. We consider ourselves blessed to know her and more importantly blessed to be her mommy and daddy. She is our angel baby.
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