Thursday, May 28, 2009

Fast Asleep....

This past weekend Aida had so much fun. She was able to visit with her Grandma and Grandpa Alford, she helped out on our new patio, she also went to a swim party at our neighbors house. She LOVED the party...she swam for three hours and had so much fun.

Here she is right before the party...she had just finished taking a shower and having lunch and she was sitting in her high chair so peacefully. Alex was with her and I left to go finish some house work and a few minutes later Alex called me into the living room to show me....Aida had fallen asleep in her high chair. She was totally out.

I thought the picture and the moment was worth sharing...too cute.

We love you Aida...


Mommy and Daddy

Monday, May 18, 2009

Uncle Drew and Aunt Paige Tie The Knot!!!!

This weekend Alex's Brother Drew got married. Here are a ton of pictures from the wedding. As you can see we all went to Gulf Shores for the event. We are all very happy for you Paige and Drew. These pictures are not in perfect order but they are still great.

Drew and Edna walking down the pier.

Look at how great they look.

Drew and Alex waiting on Paige to arrive...

Patiently waiting...

Me and Alex.

Saying the vows...
Edna giving a reading...the look on Paige's face is beautiful.

Edna does a reading....
Giving the Bride away...
Close up of Drew...he's a cutie.

Kissing the bride.

Re was the first one down the isle. She looked so pretty.
Bill looks fabulous as the Father of the Groom.

Being pronounced Husband and Wife...Look at that smile on Paige's face.

Alex and Shelly....too cute!

After the ceremony...all the guests gathered by the ocean with their shells to say a special prayer. After the prayer we threw our shells into the water to symbolize the beginning of Paige and Drew's life together.

Me and Alex's Sister ReAnna. She looks great.

Congratulations Paige and Drew....we love you!!!!
Alex, Christina and Aida

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day 2009

Until I had a baby I never really realized what a big deal Mothers Day was. I always tried to do something nice for my mom but I never really thought of it as one of the "Big" holidays throughout the year. After having a baby I totally think differently. Hello, this is like the most important day of the year after Christmas, My Birthday and Valentines Day. This is truly the day when Mom's get to be honored for being the everyday hero's of the universe. I have been blessed to have such great examples of awesome moms. My mom was a fantastic mom, she rocked! All the mommies in my family and my mommy friends are pretty incredible too. I hope everyone had a blessed and wonderful Mother's Day. Mine was wonderful, here are some pictures of our fun day.

Precious and Sweet...

Three generations of high maintenance women.

Sitting with Mommy at the restaurant. Daddy and Chuck treated us to lunch. We had a wonderful time and Aida behaved to perfection.

This look on my face says it all, I had a great day!!!

Thank you Alex and Aida for making me feel really special today. I love you both more than anything in the whole world.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Our fun weekend...

Here are some cute pictures of our great and low key weekend. The biggest news is that Aida got a cute new haircut. A cute new bob will hopefully help all of her cute curls grow in healthy all over. The haircut was definitely not fun for her but she looks gorgeous and the hair out of her eyes shows off her beautiful eyes and dimples even more. I don't know how you swung it Aida, but you are even cuter.

Here we are having lunch with Mommy. We went out to give Daddy some breathing room while he worked on the backyard. Aida is so helpful, and loves to be with Daddy especially while he works on the messiest parts of the project. She loves to be in the dirt with Alex. So, Aida and I went out to lunch and to run some errands so Alex could work. Here she is eating her chicken with her cute new haircut.

Our weekends would not be complete lately without some good time spent in time out. We are entering our terrible two's. Aida is good at putting herself in timeout which makes our job a little easier since she knows she is heading in that direction. Here she is putting herself in time out at the fence. This was early on Saturday....she was mad because it was starting to rain and Mommy was making her come inside. So during her protest, she walked herself to timeout and then came inside and we continued our weekend.

We also cleaned out mommy's purse. This was a big job since mommy had so much junk thrown in there. Here she is finding mommy's wallet!

Aida also found mommy's lip gloss in her purse. We love putting on make-up. She is getting really good at it. We practiced putting it on Aida and then Aida put it on Mommy too much fun.
Here we are on Saturday night just hanging out on Daddy. Sorry Alex, I captured your boob just right. But she loves laying all over Daddy.
On Sunday we baked a cake with Mommy. Aida was really good at dipping her spoon into the frosting and licking what was left over in the container. Sorry girls, no homemade icing this time. Just the semi-home made Betty Crocker in a can. Tastes good and requires no prep and no clean up. Perfect for a baking project with a toddler.
Waving her spoon around with Frosting on almost no clean up.

After landscaping, and makeovers, cake baking and organizing, Aida watched her favorite movie "Nemo" in Mommy and Daddy's bed. She loves watching Nemo in our room. She lays on the pillows and covers herself up with the blankets and just relaxes. I love this picture because she still looks so little in our big bed. Hopefully you can stay little for a little while longer Aida. Mommy is definitely not rushing the time away.

We love you Aida...


Mommy and Daddy

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