Monday, July 26, 2010

Daddy's Girl...

So Sunday morning before it got too hot, Alex took Aida to the driving range with Mommy in tow to take some pictures. I felt yucky and lasted as long as I could. But Alex and Aida had a great time. Here she is breaking in the new golf clubs that Uncle Michael and Courtney gave her for her 3rd birthday. She was a really good girl at the driving range. Aside from a few "I missed it!" yells -- which honestly could of been coming from a number of the golfers at the range. She did really good with the golf etiquette. Here are a few action shots with my new camera. I think they are going to be out there many more times...I put her in the coolest clothes she owns and then she insisted on wearing her purple hat that her Grandma made her.

She was precious and had a great time with daddy. Once it was all over she asked for ice cream and a hot dog. All things we could certainly do on a hot July day in Texas.
Love you Aida!!!

P.S. 11 weeks and counting and still feeling yucky.

Monday, July 19, 2010

3 Going On 13....

So, yesterday I was feeling totally yuck and Alex took Aida grocery shopping so I could rest. Here is the picture they sent me about 10 minutes after they left. Remember that movie 13 going on 30? Well here is the revised version...3 going on 13.
For those of you who are super concerned parents...I know you will notice that Aida is not in a car seat. Rest assured that the reason it took my husband 10 minutes to send me this picture is that it also took him that long to coax her into her seat. She thinks she's a big girl because she can buckle her own seat belt. Trust me we are not falling for it...

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Time to Change our Blog Name....

Because, Aida's going to be a "big sister!" We are so excited for her and for our new addition to our family. We are blessed and we are thrilled. I will be over the moon on February 14Th (the baby's due date) and the end of the pregnancy. At nine weeks, all of the pregnancy first trimester issues are in full effect. I will not gross you out with the details but I do agree that someone needs to write a book about the "real deal" with pregnancy. For some us -- it isn't pretty and we don't really glow all that much, we don't feel good ever, and somehow even though we are sick all the time we still gain tons of weight -- but even with all of that, somehow we make it through.

Lots of my friends are running contests on their blogs (because they have real businesses) but our contest is for a very legit reason. It is time to change the name the name of our blog and we need something catchy. It can't just be Aida Sophia's Baby Blog for much longer and I really don't want to update two blogs. So what should we call it? Post your ideas in the comment section! And if we pick yours -- we will name the next baby after you. Just kidding--- we will come up with something good -- promise.

Help this pregnant mommy who has lost her creativity come up with something good. I know I have TONS of wonderfully creative friends. Help us out :)

I can't wait to see what you come up with!


P.S. -- Shay, thanks for the permission to let me use your phrase. You were so right when you named this "pregnancy sucks!" I plan to use this a bunch over the duration.
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