Monday, September 22, 2008

Mastering The Stairs...

After many months, she has finally done it. Aida Sophia has mastered the stairs. This has come after several thousand trips up and down the stairs and many tireless hours of practice and training. We had a cold this weekend so not many smiles in these pictures but you can see Aida's stair climbing technique and I must's flawless... Taking off, and not looking back.
Checking in with Mommy, before I go for the top of the stairs.
Reaching the pinnacle!


Sara Blackburn White said...

Oh what a relief;) I remember not worrying about since we do not have any stairs- then when I started working- Beckys house has stairs!lol... Jack learned to ride down on his belly- smart trick!!
So cute and so glad to read this stuff;)

cfarina16 said...

she looks just as adorable with a cold.. xo christie

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