Monday, December 10, 2012

5x7 Folded Card

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Our Sneak Peak at our 2012 Holiday Card!!! 

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Meeting the Big Guy -- Christmas 2012!

This holiday season we are determined to make it one to remember.  Alex and I are both feeling so grateful for Aida and Christopher and we want to make sure we make it a point to make memories every chance we get.  The kids have both been so excited about the holidays this year.  Halloween and Thanksgiving were so much fun and Christmas isn't going to disappoint.  I have so many things that I want to remember about them both at this age.  Everyday they do so many super memorable things...Today, Aida insisted on calling Alex and I by our first names all day because she claimed she was trying to remember them (she's silly.)  Everyday there are so many things I wish I wrote down.  I know....that's what the blog is for....
Anyway -- this weekend, we took the kids to see the big man.  No-one cried, everyone got hugs from Santa and Aida was able to give him her "list." After that, we came home and worked on Christmas decorating.  The trees went up in both Aida and Christopher's rooms and Alex worked on the lights on the big tree in the living room. Later on that night we started a new Christmas tradition.  Our neighborhood gets really into Christmas which is nice -- so we all put on our pj's, loaded into the car, put on the Christmas music and went for a drive around our neighborhood.  It was so much fun-- we had some singing contests and just dreamed up what we wanted to do with our Christmas lights in years to come.  It's so nice when something so spontaneous turns out to be so fun and special that you want to recreate it every year. 
Here are our pics with Santa....It was a great weekend....Happy Holidays Y'all.....



Monday, August 27, 2012

The Big Day....

Today was Aida's first day of Kindergarten....she was so beautiful and so grown up.  I always knew that this day was coming but it felt like a steam train hit me this past few weeks when I thought about how fast the time has gone by.  Today was a day of mixed excitement for Aida and how much her life is going to change now that she is in what she calls her new "big kid school" and a little bit of worry as we turn our baby girl over to the world to learn how to be independent and strong in a great big world.  Some of these pictures are from meet the teacher night last week as we got ready for school.  The picture below is of Aida and Mr. Elledge her teacher.  Or as she describes him -- the "handsome bald gentleman that is her teacher."  Wonder where she comes up with this stuff????

This is about as still and Christopher would stand this morning with her...

Daddy walking her into school...we also stocked the classroom with some needed we didn't go grocery shopping on the way :)
Aida in line before they all went off to their classrooms. 
Her favorite part of the outside of the school is this wishing well...I cant wait to take her picture here on the last day of school too...its going to be a new tradition. 

Congratulations on your first day Aida!  Mommy and Daddy are so proud of you.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

First Day in Our New Pool

This backyard has been a dream in the making for many years.  We love it and look forward to many many memories here.  The kids are thrilled and we couldnt be happier.  The last two weeks have been really special.  Lots of pool pictures to come!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Mothers Day 2012...

A little out of order but still a wonderful day filled with the blessings of my sweet family-- definitely deserved a post :)  The day was so great and so special.  We had lunch at Steven Fields, and then came home to play in the yard and act silly.  You can tell from the pictures that it we all had so much fun.

 Sweet face..
 With mom...loving the picture
 So cute...

 Love this picture but he was so much more interested in messing with the radio...Boys :)
 This was my our best attempt to get a picture of all three of us :) 

 Handsome boy...

 This is just a flash forward of things to come...
Look at that floofy skirt...too cute...

This was definitely one to remember...happy heart

Aida's Turns 5!!!

On June 7th Aida turned 5!  We had so much fun celebrating in "Barbie Spa" style this year.  It really did hit me this year how grown up she is and what a big girl she has become.  Alex and I couldnt be more proud of her.  This year we had her party at Sweet and Sassy.  It was so much fun.  Aida and her girlfriends got "chocolate facials," pedi's and mani's, a sassy hair style and of course there was dancing and a barbie cake!  Aida really loved her party and the fun time she had with her friends.  It was really a year to remember.

I should also confess that I cried when I saw her dancing with her friends.  It was so great to see how happy she was and confident she was enjoying her birthday.  It just made my heart so happy it overflowed to my eyes with tears...

This was a special year...

We love you Aida

Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday Night Fun...

Its already been three weeks since we first moved into the house.  Although that doesnt seem possible, I dont know where the time has gone.  Tonight we settled into the new house and just had a great time just hanging out and playing as a family. It was so nice outside so we played and had popsicles in the backyard. Christopher and Aida ran and jumped and played on the swingset. We were all in heaven. While the kids played...I shot a few pictures with my camera.  Tonight was a great's to a great start to a wonderful weekend with the family...

Monday, March 26, 2012

Bluebonnets 2012

Today we had a super fast photo shoot with the kids in our neighborhood. I found a little patch of bluebonnets and we whisked the kids over to the field before dinner and snapped away. Christopher was unimpressed with the Bluebonnets. He had no interest in sitting in the flowers but he did cooperate just long enough for me to get ONE count em' ONE good picture of him! Aida was a super trooper and a really big girl. It was my first attempt at a Bluebonnet photo shoot and I loved it so much we are going to try again on Saturday. We were in and out in 15 mins and here are some of our favorites.

I had a wonderful day today with the kids. They were super cute and super chatty about the Bluebonnets. The little things make a huge difference. Today it was a beautiful day with two beautiful kids and a field full of flowers that made mine.

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