Monday, May 31, 2010

A memorable memorial day weekend...

This weekend was so much fun with Alex, Aida and Christie. We ate good food, swam, got plenty of sun and relaxed a lot. Aida's most fun thing to do this weekend was our slightly stinky but very fun horse and carriage ride around watters crossing. She loves horses and totally acted like a big girl on the ride. She also went to her first concert this weekend. Gavid DeGraw came to McKinney and even though I didn't know any song other than the last one it was fun and worth it to spend some great time outside in great weather. Aida had her pictures taken twice. Once for dance class and once by our favorite new photographer Charly Stagg. Aida was in totally rare form so I don't know if we captured a single smiling picture but I am sure there were tons of frowning pictures. More on that once we get the pictures in a couple of weeks.

Christie is also a budding photographer, I am trying to convince her to take pictures on the side for extra cash in college. She is really good. Here are some of the pictures she snapped this weekend of our fun!

At the concert in her pj's.

This is how she rolled into the photo shoot. Cooler full of snacks and her cowgirl hat. Once we took the snacks away -- it went down hill from there. She didn't smile again for the rest of the shoot. Oh well :)
We love you bunches Aida...smiles or no smiles.
Mommy and Daddy

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

One Fish, Two Fish....

This weekend we went to the Dallas World Aquarium to see the "fishees." We had a great time with our friends Gwen, Dustin and Kiana and my cousin Christie. This was Aida's second time at the aquarium and it was so much fun to see how much more into the animals she was this time. She loved the penguins and the pink flamingos and the big jaguar that she called the "big kitty." When she walked past the snakes she would call them "yucky snakes." We had a great time spending the afternoon at the aquarium. Aida was so much fun.

Finding Nemo and Dori....

Love this picture.

Our family!
Looking at the turtles..

Aren't we all cute? Aida was not into posing for the pictures.

Daddies and their precious girls!

Look at her face looking at the "big kitty." She was enamored!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

This is Aida!!!!

I love these pictures of Aida. They just capture her spirit so well. Thank you Christie for snapping away. Aida loves a good playground and she loves playing outside. I love these pictures. Aida we love you!!!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Christie Comes to Visit...

This summer my god-daughter Christie is visiting for a month because she is interning at Boys & Girls Clubs of America. We are so proud of her and very excited that we all get to spend this really special time with her. Christie's first day in Texas was a success, we flew into DFW from New York and saw Aida first thing. This was very important because I had been away from her for a week and I missed her terribly. Once Aida gave Christie the house tour both inside and out we were off to explore. We took Christie to one of our favorite places and ate Mexican food and gelato and just enjoyed being outside on a beautiful spring day here.

Looking at the airplanes and eating our gelato..


Christina, Christie and Aida...Aida had no interest in saying cheese for this one.

Picking out our gelato. This was a very difficult decision.

Riding the biggest Bull we have ever seen :)

We are so excited about the next several weeks with Christie. She and Aida are going to become fast friends.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Tahhh Dahhh.....

Yeah! The swing set is are some pictures of Aida and a quick video so you can all see how much she LOVES her new swing set. Ignore all of the neighbor chit chat in the background I think we were exchanging recipes :) Thank you Gramma and Paw Paws, Nana and Pops, Grandpa and Donna for this wonderful new swing set. She is going to have countless hours of fun on this. Check out her rock climbing skills...this little girl is super strong and athletic and her Daddy and I could not be more proud.

We are having so much fun watching Aida enjoy her swing set. Now we need all of her friends to come over and play!!! We are ready...come on over :)

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