Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Wienermobile!!!

One of the most random things Aida has ever done is tour the Oscar Meyer Wiener-mobile. After Christmas we headed down to BCS to visit Alex's family and one stop in Hillsboro at the gas station and there it was...the Wiener-mobile!!!!
When we pulled into the gas station Aida enthusiastically yelled "hot dog! hot dog" and she was right :)

We took full advantage of this random fun. Aida was able to tour the bus and meet the drivers who were both young girls -- old enough to drive but in their early 20's.

We had to fight off the crazy college kids but here are our pictures of fun. Aida thought it was pretty cool.

Aida we are so happy you are not an Oscar Meyer Wiener but our precious, beautiful baby girl...we love you!!!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Our New Niece...Kendall Anne Alford

We are so pleased to announce the arrival of Kendall Anne Alford our newest baby niece and Aida's newest cousin. We will meet her this weekend and can not wait. Blessings to your new beautiful family Drew and Paige -- we love you!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Aida and Reese...

Here is Aida meeting her new cousin Reese for the first time...Aida is such a sweet big cousin to Reese. She is a super helper and loves to watch over the baby. Here are some cute pictures of the two of them together. I hope the girls grow up to be great friends and cousins -- they are just too cute together.
Holding baby Reese for the first time...

Aida loved to kiss baby Reese on her head. Reese doesn't look like she is minding it all that much :) I think she loves her cousin too...

Aida just looks a little overwhelmed in this picture...too cute...maybe she is wondering if the baby was coming home with her?
Aida -- you have been so sweet and such a great big cousin to baby Reese. Mommy and Daddy are both so proud of you.
We love you!!!
Mommy and Daddy

For Drew and Paige...

So in less than 48 hours Alex's brother Drew and his wife Paige are going to become parents! In celebration of their last few hours as a couple, we are posting a few pictures of Drew and Paige that we love.

Last May at their wedding in Gulf Shores. A romantic moment to remember forever.

February at their baby shower --looking so cute! Paige looks great pregnant!

Pictures with the fake Baylor cake for the shower. Drew and therefore Paige and Baby Kendall Anne are Aggie's. However --- I thought it would be fun to fine the tackiest Baylor cake I could order and bring that as my contribution to the shower. Here they are smiling like good sports. They didn't know the real cake was coming later....

Here it is...the 12th Man Kendall Anne cake. The cake was a pregnant belly with a silver necklace and the beauty queen sash.
Drew and Paige...we hope you do something special tomorrow so you have a few quiet moments together before you meet the new love of you life. We are praying for you and sending angels your way.
Christina, Alex and (soon to be big cousin to Kendall Anne) Aida

Princess Picasso....

Aida is blessed to be a little girl with so many people who love her. Two of those very special people are Dr. and Mrs. Zingarini from Pennsylvania. Dr. and Mrs. Z have huge hearts, are wonderfully thoughtful and are loving to their core. One of things that make them so special is how thoughtful they are...before she was even born, Dr. and Mrs. Z loved Aida. For Christmas Dr. and Mrs. Z gave Aida this painting set and "Princess Picasso" was born! Aida LOVES the painting set and now she loves to paint all the time. Her teacher tells me that Aida's very favorite thing to do (besides dancing and singing) is painting. Here she is working on her early master pieces. Dr. and Mrs. Z, I hope you know how many wonderful memories you helped create for us and the love of painting you helped cultivate in Aida. Here we are in usual painting outfits -- trash bags with holes cut out for the arms and legs :) Aida is creative and messy so we try to cover her from head to toe!

Looking like a very big girl!

Perfecting her art...
Mommy and Aida having a great time...
Thank you Dr. and Mrs Z for making Aida feel like a very special little girl. We promise that pictures of the doll house will be coming soon. Dr. Z hand made Aida the most incredible doll house you have ever seen. It is taller than she is and arrived in January 2010 by making its way all the way from Vermont!
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