Monday, December 10, 2012

5x7 Folded Card

Best Of Wishes Holiday Card
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Our Sneak Peak at our 2012 Holiday Card!!! 

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Meeting the Big Guy -- Christmas 2012!

This holiday season we are determined to make it one to remember.  Alex and I are both feeling so grateful for Aida and Christopher and we want to make sure we make it a point to make memories every chance we get.  The kids have both been so excited about the holidays this year.  Halloween and Thanksgiving were so much fun and Christmas isn't going to disappoint.  I have so many things that I want to remember about them both at this age.  Everyday they do so many super memorable things...Today, Aida insisted on calling Alex and I by our first names all day because she claimed she was trying to remember them (she's silly.)  Everyday there are so many things I wish I wrote down.  I know....that's what the blog is for....
Anyway -- this weekend, we took the kids to see the big man.  No-one cried, everyone got hugs from Santa and Aida was able to give him her "list." After that, we came home and worked on Christmas decorating.  The trees went up in both Aida and Christopher's rooms and Alex worked on the lights on the big tree in the living room. Later on that night we started a new Christmas tradition.  Our neighborhood gets really into Christmas which is nice -- so we all put on our pj's, loaded into the car, put on the Christmas music and went for a drive around our neighborhood.  It was so much fun-- we had some singing contests and just dreamed up what we wanted to do with our Christmas lights in years to come.  It's so nice when something so spontaneous turns out to be so fun and special that you want to recreate it every year. 
Here are our pics with Santa....It was a great weekend....Happy Holidays Y'all.....


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