Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Visiting Nana & Pops

So one fun thing that Aida gets to do every summer is visit with all of her grandparents. It was Nana and Pops' turn this past weekend and she had a blast. I have to be careful about telling her that she is going to be visiting with any of her grandparents because she gets so excited to see all of them she wants to go right now...and doesn't really understand the concept of time yet. Aida spent 4 days in BCS visiting with all of her cousins and spending tons of fun time with Nana and Pops. They spoiled her...she loved it and didn't want to come home. Here are some fun pictures of what she was doing in BCS as a busy bee.

Riding in style in the car...notice the only good picture she lets you take of her face is when she is covered up with glasses....does she think she is movie star????

Making play dough snakes with pops...and then the snakes turned into bracelets. They are very talented sculptors.

Getting ready to head out the office with Nana...she did a great job I hear of decorating Nana's office with post it notes. I am sure it looked fabulous.

Working on a job site with pops. I am sure she found all kinds of treasures there.

Thanks Nana and Pops for a great weekend. I know she had a wonderful time.

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