Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Aida Goes Wild in Wildwood New Jersey!

This summer Alex, Aida and I took went to Pennsylvania to visit our family. We had so much fun at Grandpa & Donna’s house. During our visit we spent some great time with our Uncle Michael. We also took Aida to the beach in Wildwood, New Jersey. She had a blast. As a mom, it is so special to share the things that you did as a child with your children. Even if she can’t remember it (because she was only a year old) hopefully the pictures will last a lifetime….
Aida in her beach hat with Aunt Noreen and Cousin's Christie and Roxie
Aida with Uncle Michael
Aida and Aunt Noreen at the pool in our very stylish two piece bikini. Aida sported the perfect beach baby body.

Experiencing sand for the first time. Right after this Aida took that sand in her hand and put in in her mouth! No fun...

Grandpa's favorite girl.

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cfarina16 said...

by far one of my favorite vacations! I'll always remember it because it was the first time I met Aida =]

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