Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Power of Partnership

This week as I left for a business trip, my husband who hasn't been feeling great for weeks, texted while I was in route to the airport to let me know he had strep. OMG -- this is yuck -- curable but yuck and I feel so horrible for him. He's also studying for his CPA -- the hardest section first, and has a very demanding high stress job. My point is that Alex is a super hero -- with all that going on, Alex is still took our little guy to the Dr. today because Christopher is sick too. He also, wrote the checks for Aida's activities this morning, studied until way past midnight for the CPA, took Aida to school and ran a much needed errand this morning. No wonder why he is tired....

My point is this...partnership is critical. Alex didn't ask me this morning how important my to do list was compared to his. Even though it was a pretty crazy morning trying to close a multimillion dollar partnership in an intense meeting. He didn't compare notes, he just saw me at my computer super early before my flight and did it.

I am so lucky to have a partner like Alex. So fortunate to have a husband who supports my career too. Our give and take is just that a give and take -- I know sometime very soon I will get to step up in a similar way for him.

What kind of partner are you to your spouse? Do you give selflessly without question or expectation of return?

Alex -- Aida calls you her super hero. Today was one of your best days in action....

We love you Alex

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