Thursday, April 18, 2013

Teaching our children ---

This is one of those unbelievable weeks. The weeks that make you hug your family a little tighter and make you a little more grateful everyday you get to live the good life you have been blessed with. That's where my head is now and my heart -- grateful for all my blessings.

My heart and head will be in thoughts and prayers with Boston and West, Texas. My heart is also with the families of the children from Sandy Hook as congress continues to be a total disappointment to America -- our families and our children.

One of the things running through my mind is how I explain this to Aida. How do you turn this into a teaching moment about life without scaring her to death? Ignoring it doesn't seem right. As I search for the right words my heart says that I will help her focus on the good -- focus on the responders, the hero's who helped people, the communities that came together, the unsung efforts of the children who did bake sales or clothing drives or wrote cards and letters. I want her to take action, to be a part of the good, I want her to know that good still exists in this crazy world and to have comfort that if she is in need -hero's live among her and they will help her. I just have to help her not be confused about what the universe is showing us about the world this week. That's where my head is for her right now.

This is one of those weeks we remember that leaves a mark in your soul. In all of this I am reminded of the good, I choose to focus on the good and not take my blessings for granted.

What is your heart telling you? How will you be apart of the good?

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