Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween 2010!

This Halloween was so much fun with Aida. Aida started many weeks ago deciding on her Halloween costume for this year. First she wanted to be a scary ghost. For those of you that know how girly and creative I am you know this was like a wound to my heart BUT I was willing to go with it. A few weeks later that changed to a witch...so we headed to the Halloween store and purchased not one but two witch costumes because Aida just could not decide. About 2 weeks before Halloween, she then decided she wanted to be a princess. Yeah! So she then picked out her Cinderella costume and we were in business. She had so much fun. She was able to trick or treat with both her friend Kiana and then a little later with daddy and her cute friends next door.
The classroom pumpkin carving contest at school. She wanted her picture taken with her class pumpkin.

I vote for Aida as my favorite pumpkin...
Here she was in the bounce house at the neighborhood block party. She loved bouncing around with her friend Kiana.

Look at that face...that is the fake smile she gives me when she would really like to be doing something else :)

Aida and Cami -- our babysitter next door who is beautiful and Aida loves her
Trick or Treating

Here she is posing with a random person who came to our house dressed as a werewolf. We were really impressed with his costume. She wasn't too sure of letting him touch her but she did want her picture taken...my brave girl!

Getting ready to go trick or treating with our neighbors. Look at how cute they all are...

Alex did a great job of carving pumpkins this year. Here she is posing with her daddy's handy work.

We loved every bit of preparing for Halloween and celebrating with Aida this year. It was spoooktakular!!!

We love you Aida!

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