Saturday, November 20, 2010

Baby #2 at 28 weeks

Yesterday -- we had our 3D sonogram with baby #2. This baby has the most precious cheeks and lips. He only weighs about 2 pounds now but I am telling you that most of his two pounds are all in his cheeks! It is always so fun to see what the baby looks like in these pictures and to then see when the baby arrives if this what the baby actually looks like in person. We are still working on getting ready for baby -- working on his room, figuring out his name getting the things we need to be prepared for his arrival. The walls are painted. Today we got the carpet cleaned and his chair cleaned for his room. Slowly but surely -- it is coming together. Aida is also warming up to the idea of having a baby brother. Instead of calling him "shrek" she has at least moved to calling him "baby brother." This is better....

Here are the pics of Baby #2 at 28 weeks...well into 7 months of pregnancy and looking forward to making it to the finish line :)

Look at his yummy cheeks!!!

Sucking his thumb...

A great shot of his precious face...

One of my favorites...he looks so peaceful here.

We cant wait to meet you baby :) We love you already.
Mommy, Daddy and your Big Sister Aida

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