Sunday, June 6, 2010

Aida's First Dance Recital

This weekend was Aida's first Dance Recital. She danced to Boogie Woogie Piggy. We were so proud of Aida because she went out there even when she didn't want to. At one point before the show she told me she wanted to "put her costume in the trash because it was disgusting" before she went on stage :) So I had to promise her all kinds of ice-cream and swimming in order to get her to go. I couldn't be more proud of her for sticking it out and going on stage. Remember what her first week of dance was like?

She went from this...refusing to leave mommy's lap and crying through the whole class.

Doing a little boogie woogie...

To still crying but making it on stage anyway because the show must go on and she is a big girl!

My favorite picture of her in her costume.

With her grandparents and all of her flowers after her performance. She was so proud of herself.
Her biggest fans!
Her friend's Annie and Maggie showed up to cheer her on. This was so special. She loves them so much.

Clowning around with Uncle Michael who she calls (Michael Michael)!

Look how happy she is that she is done!

Her ice-cream reward after her big recital. She earned it!
Aida we are so proud of you. You were the most precious ballerina on that stage.
We love you!
Mommy and Daddy

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The Trulys said...

What a special moment!! Sweet, brave girl :)

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