Monday, May 31, 2010

A memorable memorial day weekend...

This weekend was so much fun with Alex, Aida and Christie. We ate good food, swam, got plenty of sun and relaxed a lot. Aida's most fun thing to do this weekend was our slightly stinky but very fun horse and carriage ride around watters crossing. She loves horses and totally acted like a big girl on the ride. She also went to her first concert this weekend. Gavid DeGraw came to McKinney and even though I didn't know any song other than the last one it was fun and worth it to spend some great time outside in great weather. Aida had her pictures taken twice. Once for dance class and once by our favorite new photographer Charly Stagg. Aida was in totally rare form so I don't know if we captured a single smiling picture but I am sure there were tons of frowning pictures. More on that once we get the pictures in a couple of weeks.

Christie is also a budding photographer, I am trying to convince her to take pictures on the side for extra cash in college. She is really good. Here are some of the pictures she snapped this weekend of our fun!

At the concert in her pj's.

This is how she rolled into the photo shoot. Cooler full of snacks and her cowgirl hat. Once we took the snacks away -- it went down hill from there. She didn't smile again for the rest of the shoot. Oh well :)
We love you bunches Aida...smiles or no smiles.
Mommy and Daddy

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