Thursday, May 20, 2010

Christie Comes to Visit...

This summer my god-daughter Christie is visiting for a month because she is interning at Boys & Girls Clubs of America. We are so proud of her and very excited that we all get to spend this really special time with her. Christie's first day in Texas was a success, we flew into DFW from New York and saw Aida first thing. This was very important because I had been away from her for a week and I missed her terribly. Once Aida gave Christie the house tour both inside and out we were off to explore. We took Christie to one of our favorite places and ate Mexican food and gelato and just enjoyed being outside on a beautiful spring day here.

Looking at the airplanes and eating our gelato..


Christina, Christie and Aida...Aida had no interest in saying cheese for this one.

Picking out our gelato. This was a very difficult decision.

Riding the biggest Bull we have ever seen :)

We are so excited about the next several weeks with Christie. She and Aida are going to become fast friends.
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