Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Wienermobile!!!

One of the most random things Aida has ever done is tour the Oscar Meyer Wiener-mobile. After Christmas we headed down to BCS to visit Alex's family and one stop in Hillsboro at the gas station and there it was...the Wiener-mobile!!!!
When we pulled into the gas station Aida enthusiastically yelled "hot dog! hot dog" and she was right :)

We took full advantage of this random fun. Aida was able to tour the bus and meet the drivers who were both young girls -- old enough to drive but in their early 20's.

We had to fight off the crazy college kids but here are our pictures of fun. Aida thought it was pretty cool.

Aida we are so happy you are not an Oscar Meyer Wiener but our precious, beautiful baby girl...we love you!!!!

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