Saturday, March 13, 2010

Aida and Reese...

Here is Aida meeting her new cousin Reese for the first time...Aida is such a sweet big cousin to Reese. She is a super helper and loves to watch over the baby. Here are some cute pictures of the two of them together. I hope the girls grow up to be great friends and cousins -- they are just too cute together.
Holding baby Reese for the first time...

Aida loved to kiss baby Reese on her head. Reese doesn't look like she is minding it all that much :) I think she loves her cousin too...

Aida just looks a little overwhelmed in this picture...too cute...maybe she is wondering if the baby was coming home with her?
Aida -- you have been so sweet and such a great big cousin to baby Reese. Mommy and Daddy are both so proud of you.
We love you!!!
Mommy and Daddy

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