Saturday, March 13, 2010

For Drew and Paige...

So in less than 48 hours Alex's brother Drew and his wife Paige are going to become parents! In celebration of their last few hours as a couple, we are posting a few pictures of Drew and Paige that we love.

Last May at their wedding in Gulf Shores. A romantic moment to remember forever.

February at their baby shower --looking so cute! Paige looks great pregnant!

Pictures with the fake Baylor cake for the shower. Drew and therefore Paige and Baby Kendall Anne are Aggie's. However --- I thought it would be fun to fine the tackiest Baylor cake I could order and bring that as my contribution to the shower. Here they are smiling like good sports. They didn't know the real cake was coming later....

Here it is...the 12th Man Kendall Anne cake. The cake was a pregnant belly with a silver necklace and the beauty queen sash.
Drew and Paige...we hope you do something special tomorrow so you have a few quiet moments together before you meet the new love of you life. We are praying for you and sending angels your way.
Christina, Alex and (soon to be big cousin to Kendall Anne) Aida

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