Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Picture Day...

Today was picture day at school. Here are some pictures of Aida in her picture day outfit. She did great on her second day at school. This morning she got up so excited to go to school. She got dressed in a hurry and put on her backpack and stood at the doorway ready to go. She looked so precious. I was certain that she was not going to smile or follow directions for picture day. Because as the teacher described her on the first day "she is a very independent child" I was certain she would not go for any of it. But Ms. Violet was watching in lobby through the video cameras and told me that she did the whole picture routine to perfection. She followed the class in a straight line to the gym. She lined up with the kids against the wall and waited for her turn and she sat on the stool and smiled when it was her turn to get her picture taken. This was such a big deal for Aida -- We are so proud of her.

Here she is in her outfit ready to go to school.

We love you so much Aida Sophia and we are so proud of you.

We Love You

Mommy and Daddy


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