Saturday, September 12, 2009

Our First Dance Class....

Last Wednesday Aida stared dance class. She was so excited, so glad to see her friend Annie and looking precious. Here are all the pictures of Aida having a great time in class for the first 20 minutes. Then she saw Mommy outside the door and started to cry. She cried for the entire rest of the class. However, when Miss Mary was passing out stickers, or fairy dust or baby dolls, Aida was totally fine and could miraculously stop crying. Even after all of that, she just could not bring herself to dance again after she was so upset. We will try again next week. I hope Aida loves dance as much as I did. I loved it, I danced every day growing up. Mom started me at 2 with Mrs. Bessinger and the rest was history until I stopped dancing in college. I still miss it to this day. Hopefully, Aida and I will have lots of fun memories together as she grows up dancing. For now we will just try to make it to our second dance class of our young little life. We will keep you posted :)Here she is walking into class. I wish you could of seen her she was so excited.

In her new ballet shoes dancing with Miss Mary. There are three little girls in the class all together.

Smiling away...

Watching her friend Annie and learning from Miss Mary.

Aida, hopefully next week will be better. For now, Mommy will just start praying that you will make it through class without crying. I know you can do it and I am very proud of you for trying.
We Love You,
Mommy and Daddy

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Sara Blackburn White said...

omg this is the cutest post ever! ugh- love it and love her little outfit;) hope next time she enjoys the entire class! So sweet!

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