Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Fun at the Grocery Store...

Our local Market Street is great. The people are nice and the store is beautiful. On Sunday after her first class in Toddler Faith Formation at Church we went to Market Street for breakfast and a few groceries. Aida is a natural shopper. She had so much fun with her mini cart, it was just her size as we made our way through the isles. She didn't run into or over anyone either which is a huge deal given how crowded that store was. I am sure everyone thought I was the most annoying mom ever in the crowded grocery store with my camera, encouraging Aida to "Smile for Mommy."

Here we are meeting Ms. Karen in the Floral Department. Karen was so nice. Gave her free flowers and Aida loved them. We also repositioned all of the little river rocks in the florist because Aida thought they were not in the right place.

Daddy was really proud of her for finding the FREE sign. She looks so little compared to the sign.

Drinking our drink and pushing our cart. The cart is so cute it is just her size. She looks like a miniature big kid here...
One of her most fun things to do was to pick out the peaches and put them in the bag. She works fast. She had 5 peaches in there before we knew what she was doing.

Strawberries are one of her favorite things. Here she is putting her strawberries in her cart. She had so much fun arranging her items. I think she is definitely a natural shopper. After a fun time at Market Street Aida blew kisses and waved to the check out person. It was adorable.
We look forward to many more fun grocery experiences Aida. Watching you experience the world makes us look at everything differently. I loved our grocery shopping experience, I hope we have a million more moments like that.
We love you,
Mommy and Daddy


Our Wolf Howl said...

I ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY LOVE THIS POST!! I MAY HAVE TO COPY IT SOME DAY!! WHAT A FUN MEMORY TO HAVE!! SO SUPER SWEET!!! I'm in CA right now for work and I've just been swamped back from vacation, but we still have Aida's bday to give you!

The Gleasons said...

Cute, cute, cute!!!

Love her play area, too!

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