Sunday, July 12, 2009

Aida's Backyard Playgroud...

We are having so much fun with Aida this summer. I do think she is getting bigger every day. I leave for work and she is one size and I come home and she is bigger. Here we are working on Aida's Playground in our backyard. We are having to make some shade with some umbrella's but it is turning out really cute. It is definitely our work in progress but Aida loves it for sure. Here she is in the wagon she got for her birthday. She and Sassy love being pulled around the yard in it. Jackson looks on longingly though -- I think he wants to get in but we have not figured out yet how to pull that one off without squishing Aida and Sassy.
Aida and Sassy in her red wagon...having a ball...well Aida is, I don't know about Sassy.

Saturday morning, eating her snack on her new picnic table. Her best friend Sassy, in her usual position waiting for Aida to drop some food. Sassy has become pretty porky since Aida was born. She loves following Aida around waiting for her to drop something.

Our backyard playground. It is coming along. Aida has so much fun out here.

Learning how to work our umbrella.

This was another great weekend with Aida. She had so much fun. We are very excited about working on her playground so she can be free to play and play with all of her friends.
We love you Aida,
Mommy and Daddy

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