Thursday, February 24, 2011

Our Sweet Baby Boy...

So here is one of many pictures taken during Christopher's birth that melted my heart. It is a little blurry because it was taken with my iphone but you get it just the same....Aida is in LOVE with her baby brother. Thank you God...I prayed and prayed about this. I prayed that she adjusted well, that she still felt loved, and that she would be gentle and loving to Christopher. I have to say that HE heard all of my prayers and Aida is a wonderful Big Sister who is in love with "Her Baby Christopher." One of my favorite things about watching Aida with Christopher is how she comforts him -- when Christopher lets out the smallest peep....she runs over to him and says "Don't worry Baby Christopher, Aida's here...Aida's here." I know he already loves the sound of her voice. Due to the ice storm we didn't have a ton of visitors but that was OK. We had lots of wonderful family which helped all of us get through the recovery and Christopher's short stay in the NICU much better. Here are some more pictures of our sweet baby boys arrival. My two Angles. I could not be a more blessed mommy. They are both beautiful inside and out.

Mom and Chuck came for many visits. Here they are holding their new grand baby...

Minutes after he delivered. He was not happy that he was being messed with so much. But the sound of his cry was a comforting sound because I knew he was breathing and everything was A OK.

Holding my little Angel. Please notice the sponge bob stickers on my hand. My sweet daughter decorated the baby's bassinet with sponge bob stickers and she put them all over mommy and all over every nurse and doctor that came into our room. Too cute!!!

Nana and Pops came for a visit. Here they are feeding the baby in the NICU.
Here he is moments after being born. He was still being measured -- look at those gorgeous lips!!!!

Another Angel Face....I am so blessed and so lucky to have two beautiful and healthy babies.

My sweet surprise from Alex. He did this when Aida was born too...I loved it then and I loved it now. Thank you Alex :)

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The Gleasons said...

Such sweet pictures. :) So glad I got to meet him. :) Much love...

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