Sunday, February 13, 2011

During our biggest snow and ice storm of 2011, we welcomed our beautiful baby boy Christopher Alexander into the world. This was the week that all the schools in our area were closed for 4 days and the roads were terrible and covered and ice. We were sure that no matter what the weather brought us. We were going to have a baby snow or ice, rain or shine. And that is just what we did.

After laying eyes on his sweet face I can say that every symptom that we experienced during the pregnancy and the nine month wait dissapeared with one look at his sweet face. Here are some pictures of his big debut. He weighed 7lbs 8oz and was 19 inches long. He has dark hair and beautiful blue eyes that already make me melt when I look at him. He is gorgeous...and Aida is over the moon with being a big sister. She has been a dream. She helps with the baby, she loves her baby brother and she has been very patient with sharing mommy and daddy's time. All of our prayers for a healthy baby and a happy big sister have been answered. We have been abundantly blessed and are grateful for every gift we have been given and .look forward to every day to come with our beautiful new family.
Here are the pictures of Baby Christopher's birth...more to come...

Mommy and Aida the morning of Christopher's birth. I was on our way to the hospital stealing some kisses from my favorite girl.

Alex and I all preped for surgery.

The new happy family....

Baby Christopher spent a short stay in the NICU. We spent tons of time visiting and loving on our baby. My brother Michael came to visit and even got to help feed him.

Daddy and Christopher on our way home.

Mommy and her snow bunny.

Once I round up all the pictures on everyone's phones...we will post many many more.

Welcome to the world Baby Christopher!!!!


Mommy, Daddy and Big Sister Aida


The Shull Family said...

He's beautiful! Congratulations to your beautiful family!!!

The Gleasons said...

So sweet!!! Congratulations! :)

Clubbhouse said...

Congratulations on the wonderful family pictures with new baby boy Christopher. Love the snow bunny that will probably play into his future somehow. Glad to hear Aida is such a comforting wonderful big sister... Mom and Dad look pretty spectacular holding the snow bunny as well.

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