Monday, January 24, 2011

My sweet baby shower....

So a few weeks ago my mom and a few of my girlfriends got together to help me celebrate baby Christopher Alexander. It was such a great day. I felt so special and blessed to have had such a beautiful party by my sweet friends and mom. The whole shower was a perfect celebration to welcome our beautiful baby boy into the world. It was so great to see friends that I have not seen in a while and to have my family there. Thank you to my sister in laws and my mother in laws for coming all the way from BCS to celebrate with me. Here are some pictures below -- you can see how round I am for those of you that live far away and have not seen me in a while :) Aida was perfect too -- perfectly behaved although not really wanting to get her picture taken!

My friend Andrea -- who I love so much made these sweet blocks for the baby. You will see them in his nursery too...check out all of her stuff at the
More Andrea Creations -- too cute

Aida and Mommy --- no smiling for the camera's by Aida that day...

Some super cute presents for Christopher.

Aida in her "Big Sister" Sash....she was too cute.

Great picture of mom...

Andrea, Me and Jody -- my sweet hostest friends

My mom made tons of goodies for the shower including chocolate lollipops, baby boy sugar cookies, candies and a whole beautiful spread of food. It was all so special. A perfect welcome for our new baby.

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