Sunday, July 11, 2010

Time to Change our Blog Name....

Because, Aida's going to be a "big sister!" We are so excited for her and for our new addition to our family. We are blessed and we are thrilled. I will be over the moon on February 14Th (the baby's due date) and the end of the pregnancy. At nine weeks, all of the pregnancy first trimester issues are in full effect. I will not gross you out with the details but I do agree that someone needs to write a book about the "real deal" with pregnancy. For some us -- it isn't pretty and we don't really glow all that much, we don't feel good ever, and somehow even though we are sick all the time we still gain tons of weight -- but even with all of that, somehow we make it through.

Lots of my friends are running contests on their blogs (because they have real businesses) but our contest is for a very legit reason. It is time to change the name the name of our blog and we need something catchy. It can't just be Aida Sophia's Baby Blog for much longer and I really don't want to update two blogs. So what should we call it? Post your ideas in the comment section! And if we pick yours -- we will name the next baby after you. Just kidding--- we will come up with something good -- promise.

Help this pregnant mommy who has lost her creativity come up with something good. I know I have TONS of wonderfully creative friends. Help us out :)

I can't wait to see what you come up with!


P.S. -- Shay, thanks for the permission to let me use your phrase. You were so right when you named this "pregnancy sucks!" I plan to use this a bunch over the duration.


The Shull Family said...

I'm trying really hard to think of something to name your blog other than "pregnancy"...ummm...right now, that's all that keeps popping into my head. I'll keep thinking and post something more appropriate :).

The Gleasons said...

Oh, how I wish I was creative in this area. I have no good suggestions. I guess that's why I named ours "The Gleason Family". Ha!

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