Sunday, December 6, 2009

Getting Ready for Christmas...

Today we worked on getting ready for Santa's big visit.  So we pulled out all the Christmas decorations and got to work.  Aida really enjoyed it and she was so excited all weekend.  Before I forgot all of the wonderful details I wanted to make sure I wrote them all down here...

Here are our most memorable Christmas Tree Decoration Weekend highlights....
  1. For some reason, Aida needed to take a bath and a shower both Saturday and Sunday.  I think it was because she worked so hard helping us decorate.  I hope she always enjoys taking a bath and a shower so much -- I am sure there will come a time when this will stop.  Did I mention she also likes to play in the bath for what seems like forever...she would stay in there for hours if we would let her. 
  2. She decided she wanted to do most of the decorating work naked.  No matter how hard I tried, she had no interest in clothes.  You would never know that it was freezing outside because she was all about all about running around like a jaybird in the house. 
  3. She took all the cup towels out of the kitchen drawer and decided to cover Sassy in all of them at once.  She was trying to be so sweet to the dog and the dog sat there and let her cover in all of the towels.  It was sweet.
  4. She was really excited about her first Advent calendar.  This was a huge hit this weekend.  Once she learned that there was candy behind each day -- she was sold. 
  5. She learned to say "Jesus" this weekend.  It stared with the advent calendar and her little people nativity set -- she also loves the song Away in the Manger.
  6. She sings "twinkle twinkle little star, her abc's, old macdonald, and the barney song.  It was the perfect addition to the decorating fun.
  7. Alex and Aida had to make at least 5 trips to Home Depot, Walmart, Sonic and the grocery store.  But Saturday morning, she got up with Alex really early and headed out the Home Depot for the first stop of the weekend.  Aida participated in her first Home Depot kids class.  She made me a beautiful wood wagon.  I love it.  She came home so proud in her orange Home Depot apron, with a certificate, a pin, and her wonderful wagon.  I think Alex made it all but she was really proud of her wagon and I will cherish it forever. 
  8. She loved setting up the lights outside with Alex.  I will post a picture of their hard work later but she got all bundled up and headed outside with her daddy to lend a hand.  She would come back inside every few minutes and say "outside mommy' and then she would take my hand and walk me down the sidewalk to show me how beautiful it looked. 
  9. We kicked off the weekend with a movie night on Friday.  We watched Snow White, ate popcorn in bed and she fell asleep in our room and we let her sleep the entire night with us.  We never do that and it was so much fun.  We all loved it. 
  10. She also learned to say B.S.  This is not her fault but ours.  Alex was passionately talking about the bcs bowl series and he said something to the effect of "that is B.S." and a little voice next to him said "B.S."  so we need to both be so much more careful about what we say around her. 
After all the are the results of Aida's hard work :)

The tree in our living room...

The tree in Aida's playroom.  She this is her nutcracker sweets tree and it has all kinds of wonderful ornaments on it.  Including a garland from her daddy's baby christmas tree. 

Our mantle...

The tree in Aida's room.  She has all the decorations that were on my tree in my room when I was a little girl... so sweet.

We hope your holiday season is merry and bright! 

Love the Alfords...
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