Sunday, December 13, 2009

Aida and GG....

Very few little girls are lucky enough to know and love their Great Grandma.  Aida is blessed to be one of these very lucky little girls.  This Thanksgiving, Aida was able to spend some very special time with her GG Carolyn.  She loves Carolyn --she knows her name and she has her picture in her room.  I love these pictures of Aida and GG.  These really show how beautiful both of these young ladies are.  Aida has so many things to look up to in her GG.  Carolyn is increadibly smart, well read, a conversationlist, caring, wise, very loving to all of her grandchildren and great grandchildren, spunky, opinionated, beautiful and A BAYLOR GRADUATE!!!  I hope Aida looks back on these pictures when she gets older an appreciates how lucky she is to know such a special woman -- GG!

My favorite picture.  This one is so sweet...special kisses for a special GG. 

We love you Carolyn!

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