Monday, June 15, 2009

The Playhouse....

Donna and Grandpa got Aida this wonderful playhouse for her birthday. She totally got the hang of how every piece was supposed to work right away! She looks adorable in it. Here are a few pictures of Aida in her yellow polka dot skirt and her blue and red cherry boots having a blast in the playhouse. Daddy fit in there should of seen him trying to squeeze in...too bad I didn't have that on video :)

How is Daddy in my playhouse?

A view from the inside...playing with Daddy....

Having too much fun!

Crawling out the window all dukes of hazard style..I just love those boots they are too cute!

Her great smile :)

Opening and closing her windows...

The house comes with a doorbell that rings when you press it. This is the most fun thing for Aida to do.

Thank you Donna and Grandpa for Aida's house. She loves it!!!
Mommy and Daddy

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