Monday, June 15, 2009

Before and After....

After living in our house for 3 years...Alex and I finally decided to tackle the backyard. Our biggest project to date was putting in a new flagstone patio. We definitely love it and I can't say "WE" put in any hard work because it was all Alex and his parents that came to help us. Our back yard has been bare for a long time and now we are beginning to make major progress. These are the before and after pics of our patio. Thank you Alex for all of your hard work here. I love you!!


AFTER Our two dogs Jackson (pictured above) and Sassy LOVE their new patio. Ignore all the random chairs. We have not figured out yet where to put stuff :)

Here is a great picture of stone. The colors are really pretty and they add such interest to the backyard. Every part of our backyard project seems to be adding so much to it -- we are enjoying it more and more every month.

Thanks Alex, for your hard work on this project. We love it and we love you!!!

Christina and Aida

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The Trulys said...

It looks so great!! We need yall to come over and give us some pointers!

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