Thursday, May 28, 2009

Fast Asleep....

This past weekend Aida had so much fun. She was able to visit with her Grandma and Grandpa Alford, she helped out on our new patio, she also went to a swim party at our neighbors house. She LOVED the party...she swam for three hours and had so much fun.

Here she is right before the party...she had just finished taking a shower and having lunch and she was sitting in her high chair so peacefully. Alex was with her and I left to go finish some house work and a few minutes later Alex called me into the living room to show me....Aida had fallen asleep in her high chair. She was totally out.

I thought the picture and the moment was worth sharing...too cute.

We love you Aida...


Mommy and Daddy


Sara Blackburn White said...

Dont u wish we could fall asleep anywhere and people would think we were cute?? lol! So sweet- glad she had a fun wknd and she was sleeping so peacefully!
Cant wait to see yall in a couple of weeks.

The Gleasons said...

So sweet. I don't think either of my girls would EVER fall asleep like that. :) What a cutie pie!

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