Monday, June 3, 2013

Dance Recital 2013!

This weekend was Aida's dance recital.  We were so proud of her.  This year in Jazz she worked hard and learned a lot.  I learned a lot too -- like figuring out at the end of the year that she was in a competition class -- when these kids are in kindergarten!  Seriously, I was really late to the party on that one but now that I know we are much more prepared for next year.  Here are Aida's super improvements over last year --
1. No crying before she went on stage. 
2. She didn't tell me her costume was "disgusting" this year -- and to "throw it in the trash" when she was done.  This year she actually "liked" her costume.  It was super cute.
3. Understanding the concept of "doing your best" at something.  We had to talk about this every week - before AND after class.
4. Acknowledging her nervousness before the recital and even on the first day of dance class. She had to work hard not to get overwhelmed by the people in the audience on recital day.  The secret weapon for nerves....I told Aida to imagine an audience full of "Uncle Michael's in their under wear"  At first she said "EWWE" and then she thought it was really funny.   For those of you that know my brother you will see the humor in this too...
5. Wanting to come back and try ballet next year.
Aida -- we were all so proud of you this weekend.  You were a beautiful, tiny dancer. 



We Love You Aida -- Mommy, Daddy and Christopher!

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