Monday, August 6, 2012

Aida's Turns 5!!!

On June 7th Aida turned 5!  We had so much fun celebrating in "Barbie Spa" style this year.  It really did hit me this year how grown up she is and what a big girl she has become.  Alex and I couldnt be more proud of her.  This year we had her party at Sweet and Sassy.  It was so much fun.  Aida and her girlfriends got "chocolate facials," pedi's and mani's, a sassy hair style and of course there was dancing and a barbie cake!  Aida really loved her party and the fun time she had with her friends.  It was really a year to remember.

I should also confess that I cried when I saw her dancing with her friends.  It was so great to see how happy she was and confident she was enjoying her birthday.  It just made my heart so happy it overflowed to my eyes with tears...

This was a special year...

We love you Aida

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