Sunday, April 24, 2011

Daddy Daughter Dance...

This March Aida and Alex went to their first Daddy/Daughter dance. It was such a special night for all of us. Aida was excited and a little nervous at first but then she got really excited about going out with her daddy. The dance was organized by the local Indian Princess group at Eldorado Country Club. Aida was a little nervous so she wanted me and Christopher to tag along -- we did and we hung out in the lobby. It was so sweet. Each little girl got a corsage upon check in and Aida thought this was too cool. There was dinner and dancing and of course a hula hoop contest . I am so happy Aida went to this dance with her Daddy...I know this is the beginning of many more special opportunities with her daddy. The whole night made my heart smile.

We love you Aida!!!

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