Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Latest Princess Pictures....

Here are Aida's most recent pictures. I love them. This is a dress that her Nana made for her and her Mommy designed. Something she can cherish forever. The dress turned out gorgeous and Aida looks like an angel in these pictures. Hard to believe she is only two and half here.

Love you Aida Sophia!



Cindy said...

Love the dress! It's gorgeous!

What I really want to know is - how do you get her to have that beautiful smile in picture after picture??

BTW - I'm not a stalker...I work with Alex.

Christina said... on anytime! I love it that you work with Alex and are keeping up with us. How fun! Keep leaving your comments we love them. Regarding her smile...she is a natural picture taker.....We are so blessed.

The Gleasons said...

Such cute picture!!!! Love the dress! :)

Sara Blackburn White said...

I love that sweet girl and you are so talented! The dress is gorgeous!
Look forward to catching up on Friday! I am praying my voice comes back so we can catch up and I can quit whispering;)

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