Friday, January 1, 2010

Christmas In Vermont....

This Christmas was a magical time with my family.  We went to Vermont for a week to spend time with my Dad and Donna at their beautiful county home.  Aida gets to see them only a few times a year and each time is so special.  This Christmas we played in the snow, went sledding, made snowmen, toasted marshmallows in the fireplace, attempted to go on a horse drawn carriage ride (2x), played with Uncle Michael and Courtney and loved every minute of opening all the gifts that Santa brought all the way to Vermont for Aida.  We had so many special  memories -- I will remember them forever.  I have some very cute videos coming too that I took on my new flip video recorder.  I don't know how to upload them yet to the blog so more to come on that...for now enjoy the pics of our winter vacation with the Flora Family.

Christmas Eve...we went to the Church in the mountains at the Chapel of the Snows...

Winston was one of three doggies we had to entertain Aida all week.  Our 4 legged friends were Winston, and two Maltesse puppies named Frankie and Bella (who were lucky they survived a two year old all week.)

Grandpa's favorite cookie is Oreo's and here she is trying her very first Oreo cookie and the cute messy face afterwards.  She would say "Owerooroo"

More Oreo pictures hanging out with my dad and having some relaxing time.

What Santa left for Aida.  Someone must of been a really good girl :)

Opening her presents with Donna.  Santa bought her this great princess outfit from the Plaza Hotel in NY.  Aida especially loved the wand. 

Getting ready to go on our first horse drawn carriage attempt.  This was such a cool thing but the weather was too warm on this day for the horses to cross over the fields and ponds.  The next time we tried to go we missed out appiontment by 30 minutes.  Better luck next year!

This is at the farm where the horses were.  They had a real dairy farm, fresh milk, fresh ice cream and fresh smells!  The smell was terrible but Aida was fascinated by what she called the "MOO COWS"  Here she is upclose and personal with Bessy.  Kuddos to Donna for holding her hand or Aida would have been trying to ride the cow I think :)

More sledding with Daddy in the front yard. 

Aida with her snowman that Daddy and Courtney helped her build. 

The day the snow really came in.  They played out side for a while but were frozen.  Here is the outside picture. 

And here they are inside right after....defrosting....

Christmas 2009 was a great time.  My brother cooked too much yummy food.  He is a great cook and everyone eats such yummy things when we are with him.  I miss my family so much, that it is hard to leave them.  Thank you Dad, Donna, Courtney and Michael for a wonderful Christmas experience for Aida.  We love you all so much!

The Alford's


The Gleasons said...

Fun!!!! You had a real white Christmas! :)

Let's get together soon. We miss you. :)

The Trulys said...

What fabulous pictures!!! What a wonderful Christmas :)

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